YW-0003 Bamboo Charcoal Shoes Insole (Anti-odor/Anti-bacterial)

Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Insole

Anti-odor / Anti-bacterial / High sweat absorption


Bamboo Carbon Layer Shoes

* Getting rid of the odor and anti-bacterial

* Able to keep moisture in the shoe and keep feet clean and dry

* Accelerate blood circulation

* Serves as a store of heat and protect the feet stay warm.

* Has a high sweat absorption


Bamboo carbon fiber material capable of maintaining the temperature remains warm without burning and is able to emit infrared which can get into the layers of skin to retain moisture, blood circulation, and keep body temperature stable.

The material is able to withstand high temperatures, has a strong texture is sticking together. The material contained in the holes adjacent to each other is very small so it can absorb damp and smelly quickly.


1. Cut the bamboo carbon footwear adapted to the size of the foot.

2. Remove the original footwear and replace it with bamboo carbon footwear, put on the shoes.

3. If the original footwear that can not be removed / disconnected, put carbon bamboo mat on it.


Cleaning time depending on the physical state of each person as well as weather conditions, every 2-4 weeks washed using soap. After being washed directly basking in the sun in order to function again as normal.


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