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Specialist of :
Kitchen & Appliances, Vehicles Accessories, Garment Factory,
Textite Fabric, Promotion Items, Health & Beauty

Our Clients :

  1. PT. SAM Apparel, Bekasi, Indonesia

  2. PT.Mitra Global Prima, Bandung, Indonesia

  3. PT. Paloma Shopway, Jakarta, Indonesia

  4. CV. Duamatex, Bandung, Indonesia

  5. Matahari Dept. Store, Indonesia

  6. Yogya Dept. Store, Indonesia


Our Vision and Mission :

  1. Achieve our customers needs with always doing any kind of Development Project.

  2. Inovation products always be our motivation.

  3. Services and quality product are our top priority

Our New Collections


Sale! CT-SDL1001:BRW

Cooltech Spring Sandals (Revolutionary Sandals)

Rp185,000 Rp125,000
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B-201 Pro A

B-201 Re-Usable Adhesive Hanger Hook

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P-020 pro A

P-020 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Double Rail Towel Rack

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P-018 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Towel Rack

P-018 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Corner Towel Rack

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P016 Multi Function Rack

P-016 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Multi Function Rectangle Rack

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P-014 (3)

P-014 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Soap & Towel Rack

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P-012 B

P-012 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Corner Rack

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P004 Pro 6

P-004 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Multi Function Storage

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E-025 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Multi Function Storage Rack

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E-013 2

E-013 Re-Usable Multi Function Corner Rack

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B-253 (4)

B-253 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Hanger Hook & Clip

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B-245 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Large Hanger Hooks

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B-243 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Large Hanger Hook

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B-240 Pro A

B-240 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Hanger Hook

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B-237 Pro A

B-237 Re-Usable Self Adhesive 5pcs Set Hanger Hooks

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B-232 Pro A

B-232 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Toilet Brush Stand Set

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B-229 (3)

B-229 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Soap Rack

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B222 Packing


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B-216 Pro A

B-216 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Shower & Washer Clip

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B-213 Pro A

B-213 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Soap Disperser Holder

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B-207 Pro B

B-207 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Hanger Clip Stuff

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B-205 1

B-205 Re-Usable Self Adhesive Stainless Steel Hanger Hook

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YW-0008 Innovative Aprons, dressed and removed in just five seconds

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YW-0007 Shower CAP (1)

YW-0007 Micro Fiber Shower Cap

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YW-0006 Wall Sticker (1)

YW-0006 Self Adhesive Wall Sticker

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YW-0003 Bamboo Charcoal Shoes Insole (Anti-odor/Anti-bacterial)

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螢幕快照 2016-04-30 21.12.57

YW-0002 Magic Scarf

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YW-0001 Magic Cloth (1)

YW-0001 Magic Cloth Superabsorption, decontamination, oil removal.

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